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My sister and I both grew up on a farm with dogs, which is where our love for animals started, and has since bloomed into helping other pet owners get the best natural products for their dogs. Hemp is the perfect choice for dogs, for it is healthy for dogs , both internally and externally. And it is safer, easier and cheaper to grow and produce , which is good for the environment.

Hemp soap.

Hemp for doggies

hemp doggie box product
Hemp for dogs.

Hemp clothes for doggies

All our Hemp products are grown and produced here in Canada.

Hemp hearts for doggies
Our Mission

OUR Mission is to make your doggie healthier

Hemp is good for dogs

HEMP doggie box product box
Our Vision

OUR Vision is to make your dog live longer

Hemp is healthy for dogs, inside and outside

hemp doggie
Good health for dogs

OUR Focus is to make your dog happy

Healthy dog equals happy doggie

Our Promise

Each month we can deliver a box of healthy hemp snacks, treats, and hemp clothing, hemp rope and hemp collar for your doggie.

We love dogs 🙂